Therapy for couples, individuals, and families of ALL kinds

Serving the South Puget Sound in beautiful Tacoma, Washington


At PCNW, we truly believe that human beings are healthiest and happiest when we are living our lives authentically and connecting with others in ways that feel safe, meaningful, and real. It sounds so simple, and yet, so often, we find ourselves feeling hopeless, helpless, disconnected, and "stuck." It is PCNW's mission to provide people with the tools they need to live more authentic lives, heal the places that hurt, and connect with others in ways that create a sense of belonging.

We enjoy working with couples, individuals, and families from all backgrounds and circumstances. We also offer specialized counseling for the LGBTQ community, including (but not limited to) issues around Coming Out, Family Reconciliation, Faith Reconciliation, Identity Development, Gender Identity & Transition, and LGBTQ-Specific Couples' Therapy.

[My therapist at PCNW] rocks. There’s something to be said for talking through your life with someone from your own community. She just “gets” it.
— L.A. 3/3/2017